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Student Course Comments

The TA was really helpful! I learned a lot in the class.”

I enjoyed learning about the biology of the human body and the way it relates to our predecessors.”

The course material was incredibly interesting and gave me a much better understanding of evolutionary history and the development of vertebrate physiology. I hope to use the knowledge gained from this course in future endeavors of biology!”

I generally enjoyed the entire course, especially the teacher and TA. They’re highly knowledgeable in a wide variety of topics and teach well. The curriculum is rather fast paced, but that’s to be expected with the amount of material. I thought the class was generally intriguing and engaging”

Dr. Drumhoeller and Maggie are very knowledgeable in paleontology and eager to help us with our work.”

I absolutely loved it”

I really enjoy how passionate Dr. Drumheller is about her work and research. She is also extremely knowledgeable and open to questions and discussion in class. Maggie, the TA, was also extremely helpful and sweet. The class was not only education but super interesting as I was learning about the history that ultimately led to our creation.”

I really enjoyed all the labs, they exposed me to a lot of new things that I like to do. I liked that the course is the whole month, that really takes the stress off of the work.”

This class was awesome!! I learned a lot without feeling stressed and it was applicable to daily life. the labs were interesting and helpful to my learning experience. there was a good balance of lectures, labs, and fun activities.”

Chemistry was a class that was able to further my knowledge and deepen my appreciation for nanotechnology. The class was very enjoyable, having the right balance between labs. I was stimulated in that class and thoroughly enjoyed it.”

I am very grateful for my chemistry class – not only was it a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere, but I learned about a subject that I would never get the opportunity to learn about at my high school. Our class was challenging, exciting, fun, and a little bit stressful all at the same time. Dr. Sharma gave us weekly quizzes and surveys that helped recap the material and our experience. This class definitely taught me more about my future (college- and career-wise). Dr. Sharma and Taylor were each very approachable and helpful to talk about class or college or career matters.”

“ISE was the greatest class here, undoubtedly. Mr O and Ethan presented very interesting material and I truly feel like my lessons in ISE will carry on into the rest of my life.”

ISE was an eye opening course that taught me a lot. I did not expect to learn so much and admire my instructors so much. The overall atmosphere of the class is relaxed and engaging at the same time. My professor (Mr. O) is a really good speaker because he is actually knowledgeable about the claims he makes. I would recommend keeping it exactly the same for future years, especially the staff!”

ISE was my favorite class here at GSSE, Professor O is really awesome and Ethan (our TA) is really nice and helpful. I learned a lot about industrial engineering, and I think I will really consider it as a career.”

I really liked my afternoon class and I believe I took away many positive key points about Industrial Engineering. I really liked the field trips and I believe they enhanced the overall experience of the class. I thought the professor and the teaching assistant taught the course well and were very helpful. Overall, the afternoon class of Industrial Systems Engineering was a great class.”

I loved it! I looked forward to it every single day. I learned a lot of things. Also, the simulations and field trips had relevance to class which made them helpful in the process of understanding the content presented in class.”

I loved ISE! The field trips were fun and educational and the teacher was great. I definitely grew academically and learned a lot of interesting things.”

I loved Professor Sickafus because he truly cares about the ideas of his students. His kind personality caused us to feel open to discuss ideas that we would like to examine in class. The lab rotations were very interesting due to the many complex devices that we used.”

I wouldn’t change anything. MSE gave me an idea of Material Science and Engineering in general. It was a very fun and intriguing class.”

MSE is a wonderful program that develops an appreciation of materials and the route we took to reach our understanding of materials and atoms.”

This class was amazing!! The professor was iconic, and the TAs were the best! I’m going to miss them and the class. My only disappointment was that we never did the solar smoothies/liquid ice cream :(“

This class is amazing and I love it and Remus needs a raise. The topics covered in each class are interesting and explained fully. The class has good flow and direction and he gives a comfortable break in the middle so the students do not get too tired. He is considerate of the students and Mike, the TA, helps immensely with homework. The homework is challenging but not impossible or too extensive, so it allows the students to learn rather than be frustrated. The topics covered are outside of regular high school curriculum, so they are interesting and challenging.”

Excellent course, the content was difficult but the homework and TA were very helpful.”

I loved all of it! It definitely helped me grow academically and has piqued my interest in higher level mathematics. Dr. Remus is absolutely delightful.”

I loved Dr. Remus’s teaching style and his class. He taught the material in such a fun and interesting way that made the course enjoyable. He commonly uses goats in examples, which makes the class more exciting and makes us want to learn more. The concepts we were learning were more abstract than what we learn in high school. Exploring an unfamiliar part of mathematics made me even more interested in pursuing further education in the field. Mike was also super helpful. He came to help us with homework and helped us understand the intricate details of what we learned in class. Overall, math class was an amazing experience and one of my favorite classes I have taken in my academic career.”

Although the material was hard to understand being abstract mathematical concepts I still loved the class and learned a lot from my professor and found the assignments quite enjoyable.”

What I liked most was learning some Quantum Mechanics and using that as an explanation for the topics covered. What I would change is to do a lab or two but not too many. This class did help me grow academically.”

I enjoyed this class a lot, and I don’t think there could be a better professor for this class. He really seemed to care about what we were learning.”

My professor is an excellent teacher that is passionate about his research and enjoys sharing it with his students.”

Stem in society was a good class and Dr. Pagni was a great professor.”

Dr. Pagni was a good teacher and the TAs did a good job accompanying what he was talking about with the pictures they put up on the board. I learned a lot about various chemistry and physics topics.”

This was by far one of the best classes I’ve ever had. I enjoyed the work and the material was made easy to understand.”

I loved everything in STEM Skills. What I liked most was the breadboard design and the MATLAB. I felt that this course did help me grow academically.”

I enjoyed skills because it was a great look into many different STEM topics and it reassured me that STEM is the field I want to be in”

I loved being able to do things at my own pace in this class. It was enjoyable to have hands-on experience with real life STEM applications, and i’m walking away with a lot more knowledge than I started with”

This class was able to give me a chance to experience skills that I would have not been able to experience before. It was a very amazing class and I was able to learn myself. I got so much from this class.”

STEM Skills involved so many different topics that I was able to grow in different ways. Also the creative freedom allowed in class is very engaging making it much different than a regular high school class.”

I liked all of the different platforms we learned to use, like Metaverse and Matlab. Although I have done some previous programming, I learned new things about coding and CAD design and the creative project at the end was fun to work on in groups and show to our classmates and RAs. It was sometimes difficult to keep up with the written summaries that were due on our webpages but overall we had enough time to do most of it in class.”

I loved this class! Dr. Holt is amazing”